Summer of Light


We are the people. 

We are the change. 

We create our world.

We have heard the voices of many, resonate with the dreams of many, and we recognise that now is the time for us to come together. 

We remember those who came before us, and we feel the ones who will come after us. 

Our heritage, responsibility and deep honour is to leave behind us a pristine world, a world that is worth remembering, a world that is worth celebrating.

Summer of Light 

is a worldwide 

Conscious movement 

that celebrates 

Health, Freedom and Harmony.  

This is an Invitation to You.

Do you love finding ways to create true health and wellbeing for you and your family? 

Do you stand for freedom? 

Are you feeling called to share your unique gifts and help co-create communities that live in harmony with all of life?

What would you do, if you could hold conscious public gatherings with your friends, and it could be whatever you wish?

What kind of open projects would you create to demonstrate and manifest the world you wish to live in?

What would you do to inspire others to truly become alive and awaken to the miracle of life?

We invite you to create empowering events, open workshops, celebrations and peaceful street activism to share vital knowledge, build bridges and reclaim our humanity.

▹▷ Some of us are visualising to paint and draw together in a public place, to give concrete shape to our dreams. 

▹▷ Some of us feel called to have a musical celebration on the streets where we sing and sound out melodies of hope.

▹▷ Some of us are planning to hold open workshops where we offer legal advice for those looking to live as sovereign free beings.

▹▷ Some of us are excited to raise awareness about the real effects of the upcoming technologies, and the ways in which we can live without them.

▹▷ Some of us are passionate about sharing the actual possibilities of living in a moneyless society.

▹▷ Some of us are touched by beautiful animal sanctuaries and brave animal rescuers and wish to create events to share their message.

▹▷ Some of us are inspired to share practical information about off-grid life, like harmonious building and energy solutions.

▹▷ Some of us are getting excited at the idea of sharing the principles of permaculture, re-wilding and zero waste lifestyle.

▹▷ Some of us are honoured to create a platform for indigenous leaders to share their ancient wisdom with us.

▹▷ Some of us are inspired to give a public joy based dance workshop, exploring conscious movement and embodiment.

▹▷ Some of us are planning to create open air screenings of important documentaries.

▹▷ Some of us are burning to create educational events sharing empowering knowledge about natural medicine and healing.

▹▷ Some of us are driven to teach people about the holistic view of the immune system and how we can boost it, as well as purify our cellular terrain.

Do some of these ideas resonate with you?

Have you got creative friends?

Have you got personal experience or knowledge that could help others?

Have you got an organisation that would love to take part in the global movement, Summer of Light?

If so, let your imagination take wings, and get ready to meet some amazing kindred spirits.

Organise your own local social media pages, your public events, open workshops, gatherings and celebrations — in all languages, all cultures and all faiths. 

We wish to see authentic diversity leading to the celebration of our common humanity.

Invite people to join, document your events,  And share with your community.

Feel free to refer to this central webpage for the basic concept. You can also use the #summeroflight hashtag, and the profile picture frame, which can be found on our official Summer of Light Facebook page. 

There is also a Summer of Light group in MINDS social media for all the active local organisers and visionaries to bounce ideas with each other and share their progress.

There are as many visions as there are visionaries. 

Let’s show this world our true nature. 

The only requirements to participate in co-creating the Summer of Light is first and foremost, to respect the three core values of Health, Freedom and Harmony at all times, and second of all, to engage in this movement from a place of authentic inspiration and joy. Summer of Light only advocates for peaceful and conscious action.

We all have the consciousness to be able to transform this world, without imposed central governance, but with millions of active and creative communities. 

May this be a demonstration 

of the Light that lives within us all.

*This global movement has been created in solidarity with the brilliant visionaries and activists behind the Finnish movement Valon Kesä 2020.